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Boutique Family Spa

iCbubbles offers a wide range of therapeutic and wellness services to infants from 2 months, junior, children of all ages, and adults. Conveniently located in Brampton West, our spa is easily accessible from major highways and surrounding regions.


At iCbubbles we know how important it is for you to spend quality time with your little one. To help you do that, our spa is designed so you can enjoy a private pampering session together. A comfortable designated area has been created to provide privacy for mother’s to relax and nurse their little one. Best of all, you will have a dedicated professional therapist throughout your session to personalize the treatment. Each baby, junior, child and adult is different so this tailor-made approach ensures the most enriching and therapeutic spa experience possible.

Modern Technology

Our hydrotherapy tub is designed in the United States with the latest technology to ensure a safe and relaxing experience. The water is maintained to mimic regular body temperature for comfort. The water is sanitized using bromine and ozone disinfection.


The floatation devices are selected based on your little ones age group, which ranges from 2 months to children of all ages. These devices will provide the protection and the ability to move around freely. Swimming diapers for those who are not potty trained is a must and can be purchased at the spa.

Organic and Natural

Along with our classic spa towels, which are 100% cotton, special towels for your little ones are made with 100% bamboo. They are extra soft and provide the comfort your little one deserves. Our towels and linens are laundered with hypoallergenic detergent, which is non-toxic and has zero chemical residues. This will ensure that your little one will experience only the freshest laundered items.

Gentle Touch

Massages are conducted with organic oils and lotions specifically designed for each age group. For babies and toddlers, depending on the age, the massages can take place on the change table, massage table or on the ground, which is covered with comfortable carpeting and coverings. They can enjoy playing with many different sensory toys as they are being massaged. Children who prefer to enjoy the massage and be completely relaxed, will have the opportunity by utilizing the massage table, which is also used by adults.

Our Services


While your little one is having fun splashing around in the spa, they are growing their brain and muscles at the same time!


See your little one feel at ease and completely relaxed with the positive touch through massage.


Relieve yourself from any stress and anxiety. Peace of mind and body will allow you to reach for the mountains.

Experience the iCbubbles Difference

Come discover a unique atmosphere of relaxation for you and your little one.