Where Relaxation Meets Fun & Chic


Our intimate spa offers therapeutic and wellness services devoted to nurturing the mind and body for adults and children of all ages.  A beautifully designed modern and cozy atmosphere provides a fun and enriching experience. Specialized services have been selected for babies and children to promote development, improve sleep patterns and help ease many of the early challenges. With a happy baby, parents can continue the rest of their day completely at ease.

Personal and intimate is the cornerstone of the iCbubbles experience. Enjoy any our services in a private session tailored to your needs, while maximizing the opportunity to bond with your little one.  In the intuitive hands of our team of experts, the effect of each session will be felt long after you and your little one depart our spa.

We invite you to come visit us, it is more than just a place, it is the iCbubbles experience.

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The iCbubbles Difference

Boutique & Personal

Something For All

Brampton’s only boutique spa that offers this combination of therapeutic & wellness services to infants from 2 months to children of all ages. Don’t worry parents, you are welcome to enjoy our services as well!

A Boutique Experience

A private setting for each spa session that promotes bonding between you and your little one. Personal attention, service and flexibility for every parent and child is the iCbubbles way.

Unique Services

Variety of services offered that are beneficial at different stages of a parent and child’s journey. Did you know reiki and meditation can assist with postnatal healing and boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem?

Our Services

Wide Range of Boutique Spa Services


A Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction that promotes healing.

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A fun therapeutic experience for your little one as they splash around in the spa!

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See your little one completely relaxed with the positive touch through Massage Therapy.

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Relaxation and stress reduction promotes healing and energizes the whole body.

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